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FREE Workshop

Our FREE half-day "Mastering the Market" workshops are designed to introduce you to the many ways stock options can increase your potential rewards, potentially decrease your risk, and even allow you to adjust trades to reduce losses.


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3-Day Training

Our 3-day training will focus on deepening your understanding of multiple options trade setups that can create profit potential no matter which way the market is moving. In addition, you'll be introduced to advanced strategies such as covered calls, and LEAPS.


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Our Instructors

Meet our talented team of trainers who will introduce you to real-world options strategies, not mere theory, as they draw on their years of experience trading in the financial markets.


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Real Strategies – Real Training – Real Results

Stock options have been the investing tool of choice for savvy investors for years. Used correctly, options can decrease the risk of trading stock and simultaneously increase your potential rewards. What's more, options can generate cash flow for the educated investor even in a volatile market.

Now, Real Options Masters and Investor's Business Daily, a trusted source of financial news and information for investors since 1984, wants to show YOU how you can benefit from the power of options trading!

Whether you've never traded stock before or you're already an active trader looking to expand your skill set, Real Options Masters will show you how you can trade smarter - safer - better!